Here in the south, the crisp feeling of Fall is in the air. With the change of the seasons, I think of the transition or changes in our lives we often want to make.

Many people think that to make a change, you have to fight against something and *make it* different. I was reminded of this the other day when speaking with a client about her anxiety. She wanted it gone, and was unwilling to accept her anxiety. Instead, we talked about accepting her anxiety instead of resisting.  We think if we accept a physical condition or an emotional trauma, it will mean there is no chance of change. In my experience, acceptance doesn’t mean giving up; actually only when there is acceptance can there be true change.

The phrase from Cheri Huber that resonates for me is “I love you exactly as you are, and I’ll help you be whatever you want to be.” Encapsulated in that phrase is the self-compassion and acceptance we all crave, *and* the opportunity to grow, change, and lead the life we aspire to lead.

Accepting doesn’t mean giving up. It means loving who you are and being willing to do the work to make life better. I accept that I’m not as strong as I want to be, and I want to be stronger. How can I support myself in becoming the stronger person that I desire? For me, the answer was to go hiking more often, which is something I enjoy and makes me stronger.
So if you are wanting something different in your life, the first step may be acceptance. I accept who I am, and by loving me, this allows room to change.

Here’s a short video about acceptance (3:15) and how acceptance helps us change.

Where has acceptance allowed you to change? I’d love to hear what you’ve experienced– comment below or join the conversation at Facebook or on Instagram.
Peace and Love,

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