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Downloads - Centered Living

Sacred Success

Starting a new year, new job, or new relationship? This course guides you through how to start a new endeavor with connection with our inner wisdom so we can approach the new with clarity. This 60 min course will walk you through the steps with specific examples of...

Clear the Fear

Join me for this *free* workshop on clearing the fear! We’ll talk about Fear and what we can do to release old (or new!) fears.

Compassionate Scheduling

Feeling burned out?  Having a hard time taking care of yourself? This video shows you how to set up your schedule in a way that comes from compassion and caring for you.

3 Steps to Less Stress

Life can be stressful. Often we think we simply need to ‘relax’ but wonder why it is so. darn. hard. This 60 minute audio offers a new perspective for dealing with stress: Body + Breath + Mind.

Reiki Healing and Chakra Clearing

Do you feel stuck? When the energy is stuck, clearing the chakras and receiving distance Reiki can move the prana or life force energy. More prana means more vitality! Simply download this 15 minute audio, relax, listen and receive the healing energy.

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