Are you ready for an experience of vibrant health?

Healing is possible.

I help people with stubborn illness or pain issues by teaching them to support themselves nutritionally, energetically, and emotionally to experience a life of vibrant health.


There’s an underlying issue that is causing your pain or illness. My superpower is knowing alternative paths to healing. I have a unique ability to see the underlying cause of a health or emotional problem, and then find alternative ways to solve the problem and promote healing. I help you find new ways to look at the problems so you can find the answers. Solving the symptoms is only part of the solution, and in my experience the symptoms disappear after identifying the problem (physical, emotional, or spiritual). In my own health, I’m always asking “What is underlying the cause?” and looking for new ways to reach optimal wellness. After decades of trying, I found what works.

I want to save you the time and energy to find your fast track to wellness.

Vibrant Health 101

Boost your energy, improve your sleep, and start feeling better!

Forest with sunbeam

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re stressed, exhausted, and constantly worrying about everything?
  • You have trouble falling and staying asleep at night?
  • You struggle with aches, pains, and exhaustion?
  • You suffer from migraines, IBS, or other physical symptoms, but you’ve been told there is nothing anyone can do for you?
  • You’re desperately searching for something, anything that will offer you some relief?

I get it. I was there. I know what it’s like to live in a place of total exhaustion and constant worry. That critical voice inside my head was screaming and my body was in pain.

Over the years, I’d tried just about everything to feel better. What I learned along the way is that feeling good – Vibrant Health – occurs on multiple levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Having trained in multiple healing modalities you’ll receive expert guidance to address your health on all levels, which is essential in achieving true and lasting vibrant health. It’s all customized based on your individual needs.

Body + Mind + Spirit

In addition to the personal, one-on-one coaching from someone whose been there and understands your struggle, this 6-week program will help you achieve:

  • Relief from stress and overwhelm
  • More energy to do the things you love
  • More peace and calm
  • A better relationship with your body
  • Support from someone who understands


Are you ready to claim the vibrant health you deserve? 

By enrolling in VIBRANT HEALTH 101 you will receive

  • 6 individual phone/skype sessions (6 weeks)
  • A customized yoga practice, specifically designed to improve your sleep.
  • A guided, deep relaxation technique to reduce stress, heal inflammation and rejuvenate your body.
  • A guided mindfulness meditation to further release any residual stress in your mind and body.
  • Tips and tool to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and get back to sleep when you wake up during the night!
  • A Nutritional Consultation to identify any food sensitivities, or triggers.
  • A personalized food plan to relieve stress, decrease inflammation and make insomnia a thing of the past.
  • A downloadable Reiki mp3 to further promote your healing

Ready to leave the struggle behind?

Ready to start on your journey to a healthier Mind + Body + Spirit?  

Your investment to feeling better:


Sign up for a free 30 minute consultation to see if

Vibrant Health 101 is for you! 

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