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“…an extremely intuitive and gifted healer.”

“Rebecca is an extremely intuitive and gifted healer. I feel held by her in the coaching process, without judgment and with a warm and loving curiosity that has helped me a number of times to break through my self-imposed walls, and to see my options more clearly. Working with her has been a gift and a huge support!”

Mara Wai

"...highly recommend both as a physician, and as her client!"

"I cannot say enough good things about Rebecca.  She is supportive and calm, and just talking with her is it's own stress relief. Her life coaching provides new ways of thinking about old stories we tell ourselves, and thought-provoking questions really made me see my stress in a new light.  And, she teaches you skills to take into your life, providing email support as well.  I highly recommend both as a physician, and as her client!" Jenny Wares, MD

"...brilliant, warm, insightful..."

“You want Rebecca on your team. She is brilliant, warm, insightful and a great listener. She helps clarify things in a way that is always helpful.”

Erin Sharaf

Mindfulness + Magic

"Rebecca brings clarity and sweetness to the work..."

"I have much gratitude for my session with Rebecca. She helped me hone in on a block in my third chakra and guided me in a successful release of an energetic wound. Rebecca brings clarity and sweetness to the work and I feel that she is an excellent pathfinder for those who wish to let go of mental, emotional or energetic hindrances. Rebecca's gentle spirit helps keep painful work light and easy-- a lovely gift to have as a healer. My session with her was flavored with ease and joy, which was amazing considering the depth of work accomplished. Sometimes it can be easy, and I am thankful for the reminder. I expect her to have clarity, comfort and healing for many people in this world. Peace." David Bothe

How to use mindfulness in your life

If you've been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you know I'm pretty excited about using mindfulness in your everyday life. Why am I so excited? Because it works. I'll give you an example from my own life that I shared on my newsletter. Things are pretty busy...
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8 ways to give up sugar (without cravings!)

Want to give up sugar? Sugar. It's everywhere. As a society, we have a love-hate relationship with sugar. We love to eat it (it tastes so good!) but we don't like the results of eating sugar. We want to give up sugar, but don't know how. Lately, I’ve heard a lot of...
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Do you feel dissatisfied? Try this.

Things were great. Well, everything looked great on paper, but yet I wanted more. I wanted to be happy. I felt dissatisfied. So I started watching 'dissatisfaction' - you know when you look around and you think that you should be happy, but you. Are. Not. Happy....
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Same day, less stress

Stress. I hear so many people complaining about it. How many times have you said something like: “I'm so stressed! When I finish this project, THEN I’ll be able to relax.” or “When he stops telling me what to do, THEN I’ll feel better.”   So often we think stress...
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