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What is Centered Living?


Centered living is coming home. It is finding a place where love and kindness are the primary guiding principles. It is where loving kindness is valued more than outward things or achievements.


Centered Living is being able to stand totally and completely in your own power. Without apology. Knowing what you want and sending it out into the world.


Centered living is an integrative place. Where power of food, emotion, energy, and right living comes together. Where balance means all of these, and yet, not all necessarily equally at the same time.Sun through trees


Centered living is knowing that everyone is doing the best they can in each moment. It is curiously exploring the world around you and knowing that each interaction is an opportunity to grow and shift into your right life.


Centered living is a new perspective on the same situation. Bringing love and humor in times of challenge.


Centered Living is being in touch with a higher power- whatever you want to call it- and living in that connection to source.


Centered Living is a place of mentoring others to be their best selves, no matter what that may look like. Free of judgment, and full of compassion.

How to use mindfulness in your life

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Same day, less stress

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